Digital Transformation

DTI Casebook Series: ERR's Newsroom Transformation

10 May 2021 - EBU

DTI Casebook Series: ERR's Newsroom Transformation

When deciding to change the mindset and approach of the newsroom, Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR) made sure to also rethink its physical setting. By combining TV, radio, and digital news teams in one space and unifying their daily planning meetings, ERR saw fundamental change. The focus on digital output that ensued increased their audience numbers and created a long-lasting impact within the organization.

In this Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI) case study, we look at how ERR started this process a few years ago, what changes were needed, and how they managed to achieve success by encouraging collaboration and trust. Teams were not dismantled, but rather brought closer together and asked to focus on their strengths to create a better news output.

This case study is part of a series illustrating the DTI Enablers Framework, a model developed by the EBU for understanding the dynamics of digital transformation for public service media (PSM). ERR’s newsroom transformation falls into the category of Organizational and Cultural Change, proving that collaboration, embracing change, and bottom-up engagement are vital for a digital-first approach.

The DTI Casebook Series build on the insights first presented in the Digital Transformation Initiative Casebook.

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