Digital Transformation

DTI Casebook Series: GPB's Digital-first Strategy

21 July 2021 - EBU

DTI Casebook Series: GPB's Digital-first Strategy

As part of the Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI) casebook series, we look at how Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) deployed a digital-first strategy in order to increase their audience reach, whilst also repositioning themselves in the Georgian media landscape. Acquiring a big-name format like MasterChef allowed them to drive the conversation online and celebrate their national heritage, without compromising on their values.

In an interview with GPB’s Director General, Tinatin Berdzenishvili, we learn first-hand what it took to acquire the programme: the research, perseverance, and business acumen involved. In Georgia, the MasterChef format offered the perfect opportunity for public service media to shine and shift mindsets both internally and externally.

This case study is part of a series illustrating the DTI Enablers Framework, a model developed by the EBU for understanding the dynamics of digital transformation for public service media (PSM). GPB’s digital-first strategy falls into the category of Relevance and Impact, proving that working with PSM values and translating them to the digital world is key in setting public broadcasters apart from local competition.

The DTI Casebook Series builds on the insights first presented in the Digital Transformation Initiative Casebook.

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