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Transformation Agile Review: Defining Digital Transformation For Radio 100,7

21 June 2022 - 100.7

Transformation Agile Review: Defining Digital Transformation For Radio 100,7

For Radio 100,7 (ESRL), the transformation question is one of defining. Radio 100,7 requires direction, urgency, and identity. The management of Radio 100,7 is looking for inspiration on what steps they need to take to be ‘fit’ for the digital reality they now operate in. So, what is the big goal for Radio 100,7? How can they get there, fast? And how can digital opportunities enable the master strategy?

With all this in consideration the EBU Agile Transformation Review mission was to identify concrete steps and practical levers that will help Radio 100,7 define their digital transformation roadmap and communicate it across the organization.

This report is the product of the EBU Agile Transformation Review programme carried out with Radio 100,7. It is a ‘problem-based’ intervention which brings a small team of experts to dive into a specific challenge or issue faced by an EBU Member concerning their larger digital transformation journey.

The Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI) has a portfolio of services with the objective to help EBU Members drive their digital transformation and build stronger, sustainable organizations fit for the digital future, bringing EBU expert and PSM peers to work directly on Members’ transformation strategies. Our services incorporate a review of the operational, technological, organizational, and cultural status of the organization based on the DTI Enablers Framework developed by the EBU.

Publishing the review report is an essential to the project, ensuring that best practices and operational principles are shared across the Membership, and helping make the case for digital transformation more widely.

For more information on these services please contact Sasha Scott.

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