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Diversity and Public Service Media

17 May 2022 - EBU

Diversity and Public Service Media

For the first time, our Diversity and Public Service Media project has been split into two, bringing you Diversity and Public Service Media Staff and Strategy and Representation in Audiovisual Content. 

You can download the report 'in brief' as well as the infographic, that spans both topics. 

Diversity and Public Service Media Staff and Strategy

Heterogeneity across staff means a wider talent pool to tap into. In addition, diverse content is essential to remain relevant to the audience and there is a growing awareness of the need for a more diverse staff at corporate level to support more inclusive content. Moreover, promoting inclusion is a core part of the Public Service Media (PSM) remit. Therefore, PSM actively seek to diversify the workforce. 
Dive into this report to get an insight into PSM involvement and strategies to promote diversity in staff, as well as an overview of PSM staff diversity.
Make sure to read about the PSM cases that showcase how PSM play an important role in the representation of diversity in the workforce.

Did you know that? 
- More and more PSM implement Diversity Equality & Inclusion (DEI) tools, with over 60% of PSM now involved
- Diversity could be a key tool to connect with young audiences, as Gen-Z is the most supportive generation across audiences.

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Diversity and Public Service Media Representation in Audiovisual Content

PSM increasingly intend to truly reflect - and as such connect with - their audience, a concern that goes hand in hand with PSM’s core value of universality. 

With DEI such a growing focus of attention, read this latest report to see what is being done to stimulate on-air and on-screen diversity in the media industry. Special attention goes to PSM, key players in the industry, and how they tackle the need for more diversity.

Did you know? 
- PSM Service over 280 linguistic, ethnic, and other minority groups
- PSM is at the forefront of promoting inclusion, social cohesion, and openness with more than 40 successful recent and ongoing initiatives

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