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Licence Fee

29 October 2021 - EBU

Licence Fee

The Licence Fee remains the lifeblood of public service media (PSM) organisations.

Did you know that the fee accounts for 60% of the PSM funding mix across the EBU area? It only costs EUR 0.30 per day per household on average (EUR 109 per year), far cheaper than most European pay-TV subscriptions. Yet its future is at stake with several European countries transforming or dropping the fee.

This new report takes a closer look at recent reforms, amounts charged and collection procedures. It provides you with an international perspective which is especially important at a time when many licence fee systems are facing intense scrutiny or are being adjusted to the changing media landscape.

Don't miss all the details in our Licence Fee Report and its accompanying dataset – the most comprehensive yearly analysis of the main PSM funding source.

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