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COVID-19 Report: Public service media supporting society through coronavirus

28 September 2020 - EBU

COVID-19 Report: Public service media supporting society through coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world and our place within it – for us all as individuals, as well as for our nations and how they relate to one another. It has been enormously painful and hugely disruptive, and its implications will be played out in ways we cannot even anticipate for years to come.

But, with crises, we also invariably see more positive outcomes such as the emergence of a common purpose, solidarity, creativity, agility and innovation, which is what we would like to showcase in this report.

The EBU is the world’s largest alliance of public service media and this report shows how our Members have responded to the pandemic and helped meet the insatiable demand for content brought about by the lockdown. Our Members have been uniquely placed to deliver the trusted news, informed analysis, educational resources and high-quality entertainment that the audience has required in recent months. And the lessons they have learnt through this experience will undoubtedly shape them for years to come.

In this report, we’ve captured just some of our Members’ many initiatives to provide inspiration to others and highlight exactly why independent, well-funded public service media is as essential now as it has ever been in its nearly 100-year history.

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