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How Public Service Media Deliver Value

25 November 2022 - EBU

How Public Service Media Deliver Value

Find out the many ways public service media (PSM) deliver value to society by fostering well-being, developing informed citizenship, and strengthening democratic societies in our new report.

Did you know that:

  • PSM are the most trusted news brand in 90% of European countries 
  • PSM is Europe's largest newsroom, directly employing 45,000+ journalists
  • PSM invest more than EUR 18 billion a year in content creation
  • 74% of PSM put digital transformation at the heart of their corporate strategies 
  • PSM operate 145 TV & radio services and internet streams that specifically target children and youth

This latest publication offers simple headline slides to support PSM organizations in building robust and fact-based arguments about the value they deliver European citizens.

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