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Public Service Media and News

07 October 2022 - EBU

Public Service Media and News

This year's report on public service media (PSM) and News makes a more explicit distinction between the supply and demand side of the news. The report outlines PSM's outstanding commitment to the production and distribution of trusted news and information. With a 6 billion euros investment in 2021, news accounted for almost a third of PSM's total programming expenditure.

This report finds that PSM are still key news providers supplying a 360° news offer with a reach that spans different devices, platforms, and touchpoints. As part of this all-encompassing reach, PSM collaborate with several partners to deliver international news while supplying a comprehensive offer of local news stories.

In exploring the demand side, our research found that "the news" remains an indispensable source of information for all audiences - despite changing habits. Our data show growth in online touchpoints' importance together with younger audiences adopting broader and more informal definitions of news.  

Read our report to find out why PSM remain the most trusted news source in 28 of 31 European countries, especially during the turbulent times newsrooms are currently facing.

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