Audio Storytelling on Social Media


Audio creates images in the mind based on sound and sound effects. Audio creates emotion, intimacy and transports your listeners to an imaginative world of storytelling.

For more than eighty years, audio has been at the heart of storytelling through radio, but can public service media (PSM) invent new ways of using audio on social media? Is there a way of discovering new uses of audio to reinvent storytelling? How can you use different social platforms to create new audio experiences? 

Write for the ear with this free online learning session which will introduce this topic and explain the main elements on how to use audio on social media. A featured case study will be from Deutsche Welle (DW) which has used live audio conversations on Twitter to successfully engage with special interest audiences. DW has used Twitter Spaces for political discussion on its Chinese profile, scientific discussion on its Indonesian account, football commentary on its sports Twitter and more.

This session will be moderated by EBU Academy Faculty member Justin Kings with a contribution from Erika Marzano, Project Manager, Audience Development, Deutsche Welle.


Audience needs: Anticipate the needs and wants of users of social media audio tools
Business: Explore how you could Increase your reach and engagement on social platforms using resource-light audio tools 
Editorial: Find out what new skills are needed to use social media audio tools
Innovation: Discover the new audio tools on social media platform
Storytelling: Discover new forms of audio storytelling.