How Members are taking a lead on climate actions

30 September 2020 - EBU

How Members are taking a lead on climate actions

A new EBU report highlights the work being done by Europe's public broadcasters to reduce CO2 emissions arising from their content production and distribution activities. Public service media (PSM) organizations have a responsibility to improve their environmental performance, and this report brings together contributions from EBU Members that have put this goal at the heart of their mission.

The case studies in the report show "how much can be achieved in terms of sustainability just by making good and informed choices, that sacrifices are sometimes sound investments, and that these actions pay dividends," says EBU Director General Noel Curran. He encourages all Members to join the EBU's working group on sustainability, both to seek advice from peers and to contribute to the growing body of collective knowledge on the topic.

The report – available for download to EBU Members – includes contributions from some of the PSM organizations that are at the vanguard of sustainability actions within the sector. There are case studies from BBC, France Télévisions, ITV, NRK, RAI, RTÉ, RTVE, SWR, YLE and ZDF. For each organization there is information on the resources dedicated to sustainability actions, the concrete targets that have been set, and what has been achieved so far.

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