Creating a sustainable culture at the BBC

30 September 2021 - EBU

So what does good look like and how do we create a sustainable culture within an organisation? In this session, Danielle Mulder, Director of Sustainability at the BBC, shared some learning points from her journey on sustainability from other Sectors and what the BBC is actually doing. The session provided practical advice with examples.

Topics covered:

  • Creating a sustainability strategy that is aligned to the editorial and business strategies. Some learnings on how to do this and Board engagement.
  • What does good look like?  What are the key success factors of getting this right?  Lessons learned.
  • Sustainability is technical!  Making it clear what’s needed in terms of skills, resources and investment required.
  • Bringing the organisation with you. How to engage stakeholders from the top-down and the bottom-up.
  • Providing some practical examples and case studies from other industries and leaders - on what’s worked and where to get help.