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List of Events of Major Importance for Society

13 July 2020 - EBU

List of Events of Major Importance for Society

Major sports events are protected as free-to-air events across many European countries to guarantee everybody can access them. It is a key element that guarantees the access of citizens to shared moments while also favouring the competitive position of free-to-air broadcasters.

To help you understand what is protected, we have updated our list of events of major importance for society across 41 markets. Not available elsewhere, this international benchmark has been produced together with our Legal & Policy Department and the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA).

This year’s list also provides a new tab with the definition of qualifying broadcaster across those markets, making it easier to understand who is in the position of buying rights for these events.

If you are working in sports, this is a key resource for you.

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