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List of Events of Major Importance for Society

15 September 2022 - EBU

List of Events of Major Importance for Society

To help you understand what is protected, we have updated our list of events of major importance for society across 30 markets. Not available elsewhere, this international benchmark has been produced together with the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA).

The protection of key sports events guarantees their availability to all citizens on a free-to-air basis, and can benefit audiences, society, free-to-air broadcasters, and sports themselves.

Large numbers of viewers are able to enjoy the coverage, which in turn can contribute to social cohesion. Meanwhile, a free-to-air platform can also help to maintain or grow audiences for sports, and the increased prevalence of women's sporting events in protected events lists is important for the continued growth of women's sport. Finally, the position of free-to-air broadcasters, such as PSM, is strengthened when negotiating sports rights.

If you are working in sports, this is a key resource for you.

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