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Trust in Media

02 September 2021 - EBU

Trust in Media

This year's report explores the persisting 'trust gap' between traditional and online media. Trust in social networks has constantly declined and is at its lowest since it was first measured in 2014. By contrast, most EU citizens trust legacy media, as trust levels in radio, TV, and the written press have remained stable or even increased in recent years.

Citizens trust legacy media more than the internet and social networks, and put specifically high trust in public service media. Research demonstrates that public broadcasters are relied on by citizens for credible information, with public service media news being the most trusted news brands in more than 60% of markets.

This year's report also shows that strong and free public service media are a key component of a credible news media landscape, which benefits PSM’s competitors as well.

Drawing on insights from academia and industry research, the report also provides information on which groups in society tend to trust the media, and which ones tend to distrust.

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