Free-to-air sports coverage creates shared moments, builds social cohesion, and spurs cultural engagement.

Why does it matter?

Sport has the unique power to unite people and bind communities through shared experiences and emotions.

Access to sport—especially for those who can’t afford paywalled events—is so important that many countries legislate to ensure key sports are freely available on public service media channels.

Sport is a vital ingredient of the diverse content offering that reinforces the democratic values at the heart of EBU Members’ public service remit.

Our research has shown that sport contributes to the wellbeing of societies and that limiting access to it doesn’t serve the national interest.


What are we doing about it?

The EBU is a firm advocate of the positive influence of sport and the importance of keeping it on public service media channels.

Our Sports Rights team applies the collective weight of the EBU Membership to acquire media rights to valuable sport content for the greater good.

Below, learn more about how the EBU and its Members lead groups and events to ensure sport’s continuing role at the heart of the public service offer.




Sport and Public Service Media

Take a look at this brand new report covering the importance of sport to public service media (PSM) and the benefit PSM sports coverage brings to society.    Read about: How PSM sports coverage attracts large audiences to PSM services, contributing to social cohesion How PSM cover sports across their portfolio of linear and online services, also providing exposure to lesser-known sports  How strong PSM audience reach across linear and digital make them great partners for sports governing bodies  Don't miss the section that explores opportunities for PSM in sport in the 2020s, including women in sport, esports and sports documentaries. 

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Sports and eSports Latest Research

Stay ahead of the game and take a look at the latest research on sports and eSports. In our Sports and eSports Research Review, you'll find key learnings from the most recent studies on these topics. Sport is a key genre for many EBU Members, so understanding the latest sports trends is vital. Topics include sports markets dynamics, piracy, audience behaviours, and digital sports, including eSports. This report is part of our Research Review Series. Don't forget to check out our recent studies on News and Journalism,  Artificial Intelligence and Youth and Media. 

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Reimagining Sport: Pathways to gender-balanced media coverage

92% of our Members see gender equality in our sport coverage as an important issue. This new handbook is designed to help those looking for a strategy to address it. Exploring topics such as on-screen coverage, the under-representation of women in sport broadcasting and the portrayal of female athletes in the media, this report provides recommendations, inspiration and concrete case studies from public service media to help you drive change in your organization

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